Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jewelry Cases

Hello all!
As stated in the video I wanted to post some pictures of what I keep my goodies in.  When I was originally looking around for a jewelry case, I saw ones that were mammoth and thought to myself, who the heck would buy something that big! Not to mention where would you keep it....seriously this thing was huge.
The SA said I would be surprised how many people are looking for ones that size. In fact she was eyeing the puppy herself. She stated that once you start collecting it's amazing how fast you acquire things. Well I did a pfftt to myself and told her to wrap up the roomy and very discreet little number you see below.

To the right is the little travel size that comes with it

Quite roomy don't you think?
Well the answer to that is NO! That SA was absolutely right! I should never have pashawed her! She knew what she was talking about. 3 yrs later I find myself on the lookout for one of those humongosauris cases. When you think that jewelry is something you'll collect for the rest of your life, a case this size simply won't do. I don't know when I'll ever be able to upgrade as the uber deluxe size is insanely expensive.  I guess they figure, if you can afford to fill it you can afford to fork out the bones. I have had to be a little creative, and decided to convert my BB makeup case that I picked up years ago, and use it in the interim. It actually works quite brilliantly. I just love new ways to use the things I already have!

I have put in an order for a very inexpensive yet very lovely jewelry roll. I have never used one before so I'm excited to see how it works. As mentioned before I hope to do more jewelry videos in the future. Thanks to all that requested it ;-D


  1. Ooh, this is a lovely jewellry box (case) - this white color is also so classy, loove it! :)

  2. Yes it is wonderful and really well made but I need a bigger one!...;-D

  3. hi really enjoy your youtube videos and decided to follow ur blog too.
    just thought i'd tell u about a jewelry box i saw at my local frontgate outlet that looks quite similar to yours. it's pretty big here's the website but i do believe if you have an actual outlet around you they are cheaper at the outlets then the site.
    just thought i'd share =)

  4. @Jill Thanks so much for sharing!!...I'm assuming this is an american company as I've never heard of a Frontgate outlet. The next one I'm thinking of getting is honestly 4 or 5 times bigger than that if you can believe it!!...I just think if I'm going to be adding as I go I'd be through one my size in about 6 months...LOL! Thanks again Jill;-D

  5. Hi :D I love your blog love your videos-guess i just love you my dear! So, wow your jewelry cases are beautiful. Did i miss seeing the inside of the converted pink one? You gals inspired me to reorganzie my "collection" he hee! I do love jewelry but my collection is just a big hodge-podge! Some day when I grow up, I will seriously get it together! Thanks so much!

  6. Hi there "mrsjust there" Thanks so much for all the love! Not sure which pink case your referring it the Bobbi Brown? The brown leather croc embossed one? If didn't miss anything, I don't think there's a shot of the inside. I just love organizing things...always makes me appreciate what I have when I treat them with love and care...and of course I'm totally crazy OCD ;-P

  7. hi there! Where can I find the little white jewelry case? =D

  8. It's a Wolf Design Jewelry Box ;-D As I purchased it 3 or 4 years ago I'm not sure if it's still available. Hopefully it is ;-D