Friday, May 21, 2010


So if any of you follow my YT channel you all know that I'm obsessed with applying Sunscreen. Lordy how I wish I had started sooner but no use in crying over split milk. I just thank gawd that I finally came to my senses. But I've always been really miffed about this whole re-application business. I mean most of us wear makeup and usually just have to apply it once. Well if even the highest SFP only gives you about 4-6 hrs of protection how the heck am I supposed to reapply it without my makeup looking like a hot mess! I mean do I really want to spread my contour, blush, highlighter all over my face just so I can have a little protection? The answer should be yes as all these things we use to beautify ourselves wouldn't really mean much when you have a face full of spots, cracks and crevices! Not to mention the dreaded C word. Well no need to fret any longer. Finally someone was using their noodle! The Peter Thomos Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 is the perfect solution. It's in powder form so you can lightly dust it over your perfectly made face. I forgot to mention in my video that it's talc free and also contains wonderful yummy vitamins A C & E.  But of course living in Canada means that we actually live in Siberia so unfortunately this beauty of a product is not to be found here. But fear not, you can order online.

Now it does look like it has a tint but when applied it's translucent.

You just pull the bottom down to reattach the cap

Do not push the bottom all the way up as that releases the powder. I leave a little gap as shown so that it stays closed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nail of the Day

Hello All!
I actually wanted to get this post up a lot sooner but I needed to do a little investigating first. If you saw my "Gifts from the UK" video you'll know that the wonderful Shuting had sent over a bevy of goodies including 4 Barry M nail polishes. Navy is said to be a dupe for the much acclaimed Chanel Satin Blue. Now when I googled it, it did indeed look very similar but after seeing it in person they are quite different. Satin Blue is really a black with a hint of blue whereas Navy is most certainly a much more vibrant blue. The good thing is that if you wanted to mimic Chanel all you would have to do is put a layer of black under the Navy or just add a few drops to the bottle. Quite frankly I prefer the Barry M. Just another example of how the cost sometimes has very little to do with a product's fabulousness!

Obviously this is the Chanel. In person it looks like any other black polish. It's very difficult to see any blue. You really have to turn the bottle to catch just the right light.

Wow when you see the 2 pictures they looks so close but don't be fooled.

For those of you lucky enough to have access to Barry M I think this is a must have! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello All,

Sorry it's been a a little while since my last post. Hopefully it won't be so long the next time. Let me preface this by saying that this particular post will only be pertinent to those lucky enough to live in Canada.  Go Canucks!!  It's all about the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Card. The reason I wanted to showcase this is...well because I sure wish I had come across a post telling me how brilliant this little card really is. I've only had one for about a year but boy do I wish I had it sooner! Unfortunately I am notorious for zoning out whenever anyone starts with a spiel about signing up for this, that, and the other. Luckily one day I had a fantastic SA...the kind where they make the experience feel more like your yakking with a girlfriend while  showing you some really cool stuff. Anyhoo as we were making our way to the counter with a bevy of goods, she casually mentioned the points card and for the first time I found myself saying the following..."oh that sounds so tell me more."

Basically every few weeks, Shoppers has a promo that if you spend $75 or more, and it can range from beauty products to kitchen products, absolutely anything that you would pick up at a drug store. When
you spend that amount, you collect 25 times the points. In essence you get back $25. That's huge! It's literally a third of your money back. How often does that happen?  These bonus days used to happen every month of so but in the last 6 months it seems that they have them every two weeks. I usually just wait for one of these days to pick up sundries for the home. Before long your able to rack up $150 worth of points that you can spend on anything. The have many other types of points days so it's well worth it to just bookmark the site. I usually check once a week to see what the deals are and off I go. I mean we are in constant need of toothpaste, toiletries, shampoo etc, why not make money back when buying these things, and I have to say $300 ain't no chump change. What's also terrific is that they have a Beauty Boutique where they carry a few higher end brands such as Christian Dior and Guerlain, as well as Shiseido, Benefit and other popular brands. So for all you Canadian gals out there that were like me and totally put off by being constantly pitched about something. You may want to perk up your ears so you don't miss out on the amazing deals!

               This is one bit of plastic I don't mind.