Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The One Must Have For My Skin

If anyone was to ask what the secret to glowing skin was, without missing a beat I would say Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. Now I'm just going to get it out of the way and say that this sucker is pricey. About $140 Canadian for 30 ml. I'm sure in the US you can get it for less...even though our money is at par right now! Don't even get me started! Anyhoo back the CE Ferulic. I would urge you to get a sample of this to try first before committing. If not for your sake then at least for my peace of mind..LOL! As I said in one of my earlier videos, I was at the doctor's office reading a magazine that had an article focusing on the wives of plastic surgeons. They were asked what their must have products were and CE Ferulic was the one product that kept popping up. In fact 4 months earlier I was reading yet another magazine and a leading dermatologist had stated that she would never think of leaving the house without...guess what....CE Ferulic. Well of course this immediately sparked an obsession! Luckily one of my usual haunts carried said product (only 2 places carry it in Vancouver) and also gave out samples. I took the little vial home, anxiously waiting for morning to approach so I could test the veracity of those praises. After cleansing and toning I put the serum on and...kapow! The effect was immediate! My skin was transformed into a glowing luminous thing of beauty! I had never tried a topical Vitamin C product before. I was now hooked. Once it is applied to the skin it is absorbed, cannot be washed off and stays in your system for 3 days. It is said to block 95% of the harmful rays from the sun. It is most effective when used in conjunction with a sunscreen. At first you will feel a tingling and the odor is...hmmm..how can I describe it? Well kind of like hotdogs. I know, not very pleasant but Skinceuticals is not a beauty line per say but more of a scientific approach to beauty. I made the mistake of keeping the bottle on my bathroom counter and within a month the color started to change from a clear liquid to a dark brown. This means the product has oxidized, rendering it inactive. Basically wasting your hard earned money. I now keep it in the fridge and it stays clear until the bottle is done. One bottle lasts for about 5 months with daily use...so yes it is an expensive habit to have. I did go off it for a few months as I wasn't sure that I wanted to incur the cost of keeping it in my regular beauty regimen. I'm sure you can guess what happened. My skin took a downward spiral...there was no more glow, the firmness dissipated and the hyper-pigmentation reared it's ugly head again. Needless to say it has found a permanent place in my beauty arsenal. Now just to let you know, I think this product is best for dry skin as the vitamin E really moisturizes. I believe they have come out with their latest super antioxidant Phloretin CF and that may be better suited for oily skin although I can't vouch for it's effects. Simply put, this product has changed my skin dramatically!

C E Ferulic® is a revolutionary antioxidant combination that delivers advanced protection against photoaging - neutralizing free radicals, helping build collagen, and providing unmatched antioxidant protection. More protection means more youthful looking skin and better defense against environmental aging.

  • Maximum anti-aging results - better than any one antioxidant alone
  • Neutralizes free radical damage and protects against oxidative stress - the factors that lead to premature aging, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation
  • Once absorbed, can't be washed or rubbed off - excellent for use in conjunction with suncreens

Now I will add a link to Amazon but please don't feel that you have to purchase through them. You may find a better price elsewhere;-)

If anyone does decide to try it please let me know how you like it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chanel Quad in Kaska Beige

So just to reiterate I believe this may be limited edition. I definitely do find the 2 shimmery bottom colors to have more color payoff and are much easier to work with. I can see why Chanel eyeshadows may be a bone of contention to some but this particular quad is beautiful. Once again I have Elaine to thank for opening my eyes to products I may not have necessarily gravitated towards.

I know that the cream color does get lost a bit in this picture but it is on the far left.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nails of the Day Pt2

Oh my gosh guys!  Can you believe I made a post about a nail polish and didn't even write the name of it?
Oh Lordy!  I swear it will get better!  Thanks Poli for bringing it to my attention.
Anyhoo the below mention nail polish is Revlon's No Shrinking Violet     ;-D

Nails of the Day

So I though I might make this a regular thing as so many seem to be curious about the nailpolishes I wear in the videos. I just took this puppy out for a ride and I quite like it. I guess it's about as close as I'll come to wearing a vibrant color... lol! I loved the depth of it and the beautiful metallic sheen when I saw the bottle. I put it on late last night and thought it went on much darker and vampier than I thought it would..yay!! But in the light of day it is much more true to how it looks in the bottle...yay!! I think it would also look fabulous with a darker color underneath. Paired with my beloved Seche Vite I can't see this sucker chipping for at least a week! In fact as is usual with the combo of Revlon/Seche Vite I usually have to take it off before it starts to chip away just to be able to enjoy some variety. Let me know if you ever give it a go!!

Ahhh don't you love the swirls?

Although it's not a pastel or really bright purple I think it would be a fantastic color for spring!
What do you think?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite 15 Eyeshadows

Hello All!
So this is my first attempt at a blog so you must forgive the few somewhat blurry pictures. I did try many stabs but alas that was the best I could come up with. Also pay no attention to the dry and somewhat amputated looking hands/fingers. The dryness is due to the massive washing off and putting back on of products to bring you these wonderfully lackluster pictures..LOL!! As far as the amputated (oh and I'll add bulging vein) shots...let's just say I have a new found appreciation for those lucky few who model their appendages. I have tried to block them off in sections and although they always say "A picture says a thousand words" In this case perhaps...Not? Take my word for it these shadows are gorgeous!!...please do not hold them accountable for any second thoughts you may have. They are innocent. Alright well onto the stage where I will attempt to load said pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  We Have Cordura on the left and Brousse on the Right

And of course to make it more difficult for you we now have Cordura on Right and Brousse on the Left


Ah here we have an example of before mentioned blur...what a shame but I hope you get the jist.
We have on the left bottom Java and above it Corset and to the right Nomadic

From top to bottom is Java, Corset and Nomadic...ah there's a little thumb peeking out thank goodness.

      Clockwise Margaux, Seasame, Topaz, Patina

From Left to Right Sesame (love that it blends right in my skintone) Topaz, Margaux, Patina

Okay so for some reason these pictures do not like to be in the center and prefer to lean more to the left...well to each there own I say. Top Left is CK in Sandstone Top Right is Napolean Perdis # 37
Middle Left is Mac Paintpot in Groundwork and Middle Right is Mac Paintpot in Soft Ochre and 
finally at the bottom (but of course it's tops with me) we have Shu Uemura in ME 990. I will warn
you the following swatches are a jumble and not done in the same configuration....sigh...it will get
better I promise! Perhaps in the future it will just be one product at a time....sheesh!

From top to bottom CK Sandstone, Shu Uemura 990, NPerdis #37,  Mac Groundwork, Mac Soft Ochre which you can't really see because it blends right into my skin...which is brilliant actually...and ignore the two side by side colors until you see the next picture.....oh heck I might as well just tell you now....left is Mac Friction and Right is Mac Club....both are duo chrome and Fabulous!!!

Oh what a frightful looking picture. Can you believe I tried 8 times and wound up with this? Club on Left... Friction Right. And lastly......

Ahhh Chanel Eyegloss....

I know you can't see the gold (bottom) and Silver (left) as well but that's a good thing I think as I usually use them as highlighters and you really don't want them screaming for attention....

And here they are sheered out a bit.

Well there you have it folks. Again I assure you I am a quick learner and my next attempt will be better!
Feel free to comment below and let me know if you've tried any of these and what your thoughts were;-)

* As it turns out after posting, all the pictures decided they were willing to work together and instead of forming a leftist movement decided to go with the norm and remain decidedly in the middle ;-)