Thursday, April 8, 2010

aahh BAGS!...this one is for the lovely Gina.

So I'm not sure if any of you have seen my requested bag collection video, but it seems to have triggered an obsession with some and a buying frenzy with others. Now I don't know if I should congratulate them or apologize to them. Seriously, my love of bags has honestly driven me mental sometimes. So many bags and not enough funds! I'm doing this post especially for the wonderful Gina from ginabinawina99....I think I actually got it right this time..yay!
She found herself a cream version of my beloved Kooba Chiara, but wanted to make doubly sure that she got the real goods. There is nothing worse than being scammed...hmmm well there actually are many things that are worse. Starvation, animal cruelty, homelessness just to name a few, but in keeping with the context of this blog, paying good money for a fake wannabe bag sucks! Therefore the purpose of these pictures are so that she can compare her bag to mine. Hopefully you all will find it somewhat interesting as well. So without further are a few pictures of two bags from the video she particularly liked.

Here we have the Kooba Chiara

I love how it decided to hold a pose

And now for Isabella Fiore

I'm so glad the camera was able to catch a little bit of the gold marbling that covers the bag, although it really doesn't serve it justice.

So there you have it. Gina I hope after seeing the pictures you can put your mind to rest and enjoy the heck out of your authentic Kooba bag!!


  1. I love the silver Kooba, it's great! I've been searching for a silver bag.

  2. Yay!! I'm on the hunt to get at least one of these extraordinary bags. I can't get over the detail of the Fiore, but the Kooba is classic meets well.. ME.. LOL

  3. LOL!...let the games begin! Your gonna LOVE a Kooba when you get your hands on one....and I know you will!....xo

  4. Thanks so much for the 411 on the site Jane;-D

  5. Got Kooba Olivia in brown, LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hunting for bigger Kooba bag, any suggestion? ;)

  6. The Olivia is a gorgeous clutch!!...hmmm it is SUCH a personal choice and the hunt is the fun part!...okay I'm gonna share what I think is the best way to get a new bag...look at as many pictures, blogs etc. that you can...then when your at the store or online just go completely with your gut!...I find that my brain sort of stores everything I've seen and leads me to the right bag!....let me know which one you choose!....;-D