Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nails of the Day

So I though I might make this a regular thing as so many seem to be curious about the nailpolishes I wear in the videos. I just took this puppy out for a ride and I quite like it. I guess it's about as close as I'll come to wearing a vibrant color... lol! I loved the depth of it and the beautiful metallic sheen when I saw the bottle. I put it on late last night and thought it went on much darker and vampier than I thought it would..yay!! But in the light of day it is much more true to how it looks in the bottle...yay!! I think it would also look fabulous with a darker color underneath. Paired with my beloved Seche Vite I can't see this sucker chipping for at least a week! In fact as is usual with the combo of Revlon/Seche Vite I usually have to take it off before it starts to chip away just to be able to enjoy some variety. Let me know if you ever give it a go!!

Ahhh don't you love the swirls?

Although it's not a pastel or really bright purple I think it would be a fantastic color for spring!
What do you think?


  1. Ooo now that's a pretty polish, I say yes for spring colour!

  2. Isn't it though?....I think it would look great on everyone!! Thanks so much for supporting the blog ;-DD

  3. Lovely color and a great idea - I always wonder what you're wearing in your videos! :)
    What is the name of this color?

  4. Hi Poli....thanks so much for your post. I went back and did another entry to tell everyone what the color was. Can you believe I forgot to write the name?...LOL! It's Revlon's No Shrinking Violet...;-D
    Thanks for supporting the blog Poli!!

  5. Oh, you're wellcome!
    One idea - it will be great to make Face Of The Day posts where you put pics of the face and the makeup nad tell what makeup you used that day - I always love these posts! I would love outfits posts too - I love your style...

  6. Oh thanks Poli...but holy does that sound like a lot of work..LOL!! I'm pretty much going to use the blog to show what the stuff in the videos really look like....that way people can have a more accurate they don't waste their money on something;-)) Thanks for the tips though...maybe one never know ;-DD

  7. You are sooo right about Revlon polishes!!! I bought one last week from the new spring collection and I was amazed with how good it is!! I took it off before it started chipping!!! Now Im gonna get the 2 colors you always talk about on your vids because Im more into darker colors.
    As you can see, I really trust you because you have great taste!!!
    Keep the recommendations coming...LOL

    Thanks :)

    P.S BTW... Loving the blog, dont be so harsh on yourself, its something new!!

  8. Aww thanks!! I'm so glad your appreciating the Revlon polishes!! The darker colors are gorgeous and that's when you really want a polish to stay put and not chip! Oh believe me ...anytime I "beat myself up" I'm actually doing it with a smile..LOL!!

  9. I love Revlon polishes and this one is a beautiful shade...gotta keep my eye out for that. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. Oh I think your gonna love it when you see the bottle;-D