Monday, March 29, 2010

Chanel Quad in Kaska Beige

So just to reiterate I believe this may be limited edition. I definitely do find the 2 shimmery bottom colors to have more color payoff and are much easier to work with. I can see why Chanel eyeshadows may be a bone of contention to some but this particular quad is beautiful. Once again I have Elaine to thank for opening my eyes to products I may not have necessarily gravitated towards.

I know that the cream color does get lost a bit in this picture but it is on the far left.


  1. Hi love, i totally agree with u on the color payoff point of the Chanel e/s. Recently I found something interesting, I swapped one of my Chanel quad (round, EUROPE ver.)for an other Chanel quad (square, USA ver.?)from the State. The USA ver. one has so much better pigmentation than all other Europe ver. that i own. :)


  2. Wow that's odd...but I guess they have different manufacturers in different countries. I can imagine how disappointing the European ones would be because the American ones weren't all that great. I'm so glad that I lucked out and got a really good one!...;-DD

  3. aww you're right - on the blog the colors are seen so much better - what a lovely palette! Very pretty! :)

  4. Hi Poli!! I just heard how much this palette costs in Canada and honestly I don't think it's worth $70....could get 3 0r 4 other things for that price....but I still am so glad that Elaine sent it!!!