Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite 15 Eyeshadows

Hello All!
So this is my first attempt at a blog so you must forgive the few somewhat blurry pictures. I did try many stabs but alas that was the best I could come up with. Also pay no attention to the dry and somewhat amputated looking hands/fingers. The dryness is due to the massive washing off and putting back on of products to bring you these wonderfully lackluster pictures..LOL!! As far as the amputated (oh and I'll add bulging vein) shots...let's just say I have a new found appreciation for those lucky few who model their appendages. I have tried to block them off in sections and although they always say "A picture says a thousand words" In this case perhaps...Not? Take my word for it these shadows are gorgeous!!...please do not hold them accountable for any second thoughts you may have. They are innocent. Alright well onto the stage where I will attempt to load said pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  We Have Cordura on the left and Brousse on the Right

And of course to make it more difficult for you we now have Cordura on Right and Brousse on the Left


Ah here we have an example of before mentioned blur...what a shame but I hope you get the jist.
We have on the left bottom Java and above it Corset and to the right Nomadic

From top to bottom is Java, Corset and Nomadic...ah there's a little thumb peeking out thank goodness.

      Clockwise Margaux, Seasame, Topaz, Patina

From Left to Right Sesame (love that it blends right in my skintone) Topaz, Margaux, Patina

Okay so for some reason these pictures do not like to be in the center and prefer to lean more to the left...well to each there own I say. Top Left is CK in Sandstone Top Right is Napolean Perdis # 37
Middle Left is Mac Paintpot in Groundwork and Middle Right is Mac Paintpot in Soft Ochre and 
finally at the bottom (but of course it's tops with me) we have Shu Uemura in ME 990. I will warn
you the following swatches are a jumble and not done in the same will get
better I promise! Perhaps in the future it will just be one product at a time....sheesh!

From top to bottom CK Sandstone, Shu Uemura 990, NPerdis #37,  Mac Groundwork, Mac Soft Ochre which you can't really see because it blends right into my skin...which is brilliant actually...and ignore the two side by side colors until you see the next picture.....oh heck I might as well just tell you now....left is Mac Friction and Right is Mac Club....both are duo chrome and Fabulous!!!

Oh what a frightful looking picture. Can you believe I tried 8 times and wound up with this? Club on Left... Friction Right. And lastly......

Ahhh Chanel Eyegloss....

I know you can't see the gold (bottom) and Silver (left) as well but that's a good thing I think as I usually use them as highlighters and you really don't want them screaming for attention....

And here they are sheered out a bit.

Well there you have it folks. Again I assure you I am a quick learner and my next attempt will be better!
Feel free to comment below and let me know if you've tried any of these and what your thoughts were;-)

* As it turns out after posting, all the pictures decided they were willing to work together and instead of forming a leftist movement decided to go with the norm and remain decidedly in the middle ;-)


  1. The hand shots were actually excellent- clear and sharp with the black background.

    Club is my go-to!

  2. Oh thanks Dolly!! Oh I'm so glad you love club too!! There's really nothing like it is there....;-D Thanks so much for being my first blog comment ever!

  3. Seeing this I would have never guessed it was your first Blog. Love all the colors-but now I have more to want!

  4. Ok, you persuaded me to get Club and Friction ;-D And if the Chanel gloss would be available, I would definitely get that one too ;-)

  5. I'm excited you started a blog because I really like your videos!

  6. Oh thanks Laura. Hopefully you get to try a few out ;-D

  7. Club and Friction are definitely a Mac must have....I sure hope you can get your hands on the Chanel eyeglosses....they are gorgeous!!

  8. I'm so happy you started a blog! I look forward to your updates =) And great job on the pictures!

  9. I'm so glad you've decided to follow!! By the way love your picture!!...;-D

  10. Oh my... I have received my Chanel eyegloss!!

    It is absolutely GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for your review! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have come across such a great product.

    I adore the fact that it creases. I don't actually have a very obvious crease/deep-set eyes, so the colours actually cling to the crease-line and defines my eye. Amazing. The colours are as blendable as you said they were, and they're completely wearable for daytime. I am a very happy bunny.

    I'll try to experiment a bit more with the quad after my exams and will post a few pics of my various concoctions. ^^

  11. @Wangamuffin Wooohooo!! Isn't it an amazing palette!! So many uses and the texture is like nothing else....yes definitely experiment and post pics! ;-DD